Midwest Artist Q-Sko Shines in Official Visual for “Over You” | @skodamann


An intense blend of old school Hip Hop with new school elements, Midwest rapper Q-Sko shines through the competition with his new single Over You. Produced by Ice Starr, Over You tells a tale relatable to most millennial men; the back and forth struggle between love and hurt and the trust issues that always seem to arise in relationships. A topic seldom discussed by male emcees, Q-Sko opens up on the track, uncovering a vulnerability unseen in most rap artists.

Born in Chicago but raised in St. Louis, Q-Sko started rapping on his grandparent’s sun porch in Chi when he was a kid. The young emcee would spend hours recording himself onto cassette tapes, honing a talent that would continue to blossom as he grew older. After his mother was diagnosed with cancer and the death of his older brother in 2013, Q-Sko quit rap and found himself lost in the street life. But a vision of his older brother in a dream called him back to the rap game and led to the release of his 2016 EP Tears of A Hustler.

Directed by Midwest videographer LuxStar Studios, Q-Sko’s Over You validates him as an artist to watch in 2017 and provides listeners with a feel-good, vibey track to ride to all summer and into the Fall.

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