Los Angeles Recording Artist, Robin Hemmingway releases her latest project, “All I Wanna Do”


ROBIN HEMMINGWAYRobin Hemmingway is an American singer, songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. At the age of thirteen, she picked up the guitar and began writing songs as a way to cope with the loss of her father. Eventually, Robin left the midwest and relocates to Los Angeles, CA. This is where she begins to record and work on her music more in-depth in major recording studios. Importantly. this helped land one of her hit singles, “Shirley” in the top 20 of 100 on online radio stations. Also, scoring an interview in ‘VoyageLA’ magazine.

“Having the opportunities to be able to grow and do the things that I love the most is very rewarding.” ~ Robin Hemmingway

Robin Hemmingway looks forward to growing and getting to know the people that love her music as much as she does. Everything that Hemmingway writes in her music is what she experiences in some kind of way or how she perceives certain things that she has gone through. Ms. Hemmingway likes to learn from her life experiences – good or bad – and let her music reflect those lessons. Be sure to connect with her on all social media and digital music platforms.




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