Scarzeo – ” I Do” | @Scarzeo [NEW MUSIC]

Scarzeo – ” I Do” | @Scarzeo [NEW MUSIC]

“Scarzeo” a Rap artist from the U.S. Virgin Islands with a New Sound

Never Heard Before


Scarzeo was born Delroy Fleming in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. Scarzeo is a straightforward, energetic artist who says what’s on his mind without holding back. He has been rapping professionally for about 8 years but his love for music and the potential lifestyle it offers piqued his interest way before. Although he grew up in the projects this future rapper was inspired and motivated by his surroundings and desired what many young boys in the projects did… money, power, and respect.

“I’m seeing these dudes with big chains on and diamonds rings, nice cars, silk shirts, and they ain’t never gotta go to work… and my pop’s going to work and busting his ass and my mom’s going to work and busting her ass, I’m saying to myself, damn! I wanna do what they doing!” 

Scarzeo later realized that the young men’s overnight successes were attributed to their involvement in illegal activities.“By the time I was 13 I knew—whatever these dudes doing ain’t right… but they just look right doing it.”He soon became involved in criminal activities such as selling drugs and as his name suggests, violent crime. Scarzeo was living in New York where he continued hustling. At the time, he was surrounded by music but never considered a career in it until something life-changing happened.

SCARZEO“Before I went to jail, I used to play with it [music] like a joke”

Scarzeo claims he never knew how to write music and that he actually taught himself while in prison by studying the mixed tapes of Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and others. He was on a mission to greatness. The rapper admits he is still addicted to the “finer things” in life but refuses to obtain any of them illegally. He wants to send a message to young people hoping they would reach their full potential sooner than he did.

“Don’t get too attached to the negative in my story—it doesn’t have to be tragic in order for it to be triumphant.”

The rapper respects Jay-Z and Maino and believes these two rappers have impacted him musically. “I’d have to say I have a lot of respect for Jay-Z because I feel like he kinda showed me how to conceal emotion and make sure everything is strategized… just from the outside looking in.” “Maino—I would have to give him that respect because I felt he walked a certain kind of lifestyle… he taught me a lot without even speaking and I spent a lot of time with him in the studio, he helped me figure out how the music should sound.”


Although Scarzeo looks up to many rappers in the industry, his real inspiration in life is his father. Overall the rapper is happy with the progress he has made and is still hustling (legally). He believes everything happens for good reason and if never sentenced, would’ve been dead or doing life—for real this time. When asked if he wanted to leave the readers with anything, he said something which I believe sums up his ongoing life story: “An Ounce of Strategy Allows You A Lifetime Gravity.” Be sure to connect with Scarzeo on his website, social media, and digital music platforms.







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