[MUSIC 101] New Soundcloud Update Generates $ for Artists

Learn about important changes from Soundcloud


Soundcloud recently updated its business model to incorporate subscription tiers. It’s important to understand that the platform is beginning to behave like a streaming store, such as Spotify or Deezer, at least operationally. ONErpm can deliver and monetizes audio streams on Soundcloud for you.

Our job begins when an artist selects Soundcloud as a store on our platform to distribute their music to.  After the music passes through our approval process for any errors, it will be delivered directly to Soundcloud.  This isn’t anything new and you probably already know how it works…let’s jump to the real deal.

How long does it take until the artist’s tracks are inserted in their respective profile?

  • The insertion on Soundcloud is quite fast, it should take 2 or 3 hours after our system delivers the release.

How does Soundcloud know which profile to add these new tracks/albums to?

  • When delivering content to the new artist page, Soundcloud maps the artist in a way that auto-delivers any new content to existing accounts.

PS: The delivery of the tracks to the account will be done in relation to the artist’s name. It’s very important that the artist name is added in the album (uploaded to Soundcloud via ONErpm,) and is the same as the name of the pre-existing Soundcloud profile.

What happens if an artist uploads a track on their profile before delivering the content to ONErpm?

  • If tracks uploaded before delivery have the same ISRC as the ONErpm delivered tracks, they will be “merged” into one.

In which countries is Soundcloud monetizing?

  • USA, Canada, England, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, France, Australia, and New Zealand. The have plans to monetize in Brazil and Mexico, but this still hasn’t happened.

What does “whitelisting” your profile mean?

  • When whitelisting your profile, an artist is basically giving anyone permission to upload their music and do as they wish; meaning, they could allow anyone to download the music free of charge from their user account.
  • Whitelisting profiles is one of the most requested operational actions we receive, which isn’t ideal.

Why should artists upload their music to Soundcloud themselves if ONErpm will do it for them now?

  • That’s the question we need to ask when receiving whitelisting requests.  Our goal here is to educate artists on Soundcloud’s new model and refrain from continually adding artist profiles to our whitelist. In the future, we will only be whitelisting artist profiles for specific cases.

The requests below are ones that we are beginning to receive regularly and can help resolve:

  • “There are multiple artist profiles for the same artist that I need to merge into one.”
  • “My official artist profile is missing content (albums/tracks).”
  • “We have signed a new artist and need to correctly map their official artist profile for future music deliveries via ONErpm.”
  • “I am seeing duplicate tracks on my artist profile.”
  • “There are tracks on my artist profile that belong to a different artist that I would like removed.”

If you are interested in obtaining an ONErpm account, visit https://onerpm.com


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