[STAY WOKE]From Africa to Hip Hop with Afrika Bambaataa

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Just a melophile looking for a story to tell. . . Narrating a life of endless melodies in words, some written & some unspoken.
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Afrika Bambaataa influenced the culture through music and unity One of the newest music art forms to be recognized as a music genre is Hip Hop. Today many people argue about the state of Hip Hop. Some people think the newcomers don’t know enough about those that came before them. Others say newcomers are not …

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Raz Fresco – Insomnia [VIDEO] |@RAZFRESCO

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Raz Fresco delivers a high-energy performance in his new experimental music video for “Insomnia,” off ‘The Screwface Tape.’ Download ‘The Screwface Tape’ for free at http://bit.ly/1tBueHG. Pablo Frescobar coming soon. Twitter: @RazFresco Instagram: @RazFresco7 — Subscribe to Duck Down to stay updated: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Duck-Down http://duckdown.com (Blog/Website) http://duckdown.spinshop.com (Shop) http://fb.com/duckdownmusic (Like) http://twitter.com/duckdownmusic (Follow) http://instagram.com/duckdownmusic (Photos) Related articles …

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