[STAY WOKE] Duke Ellington Innovator of Big Band Jazz

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Just a melophile looking for a story to tell. . . Narrating a life of endless melodies in words, some written & some unspoken.
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Duke Ellington a Composer with pizzazz who pioneered Big Band Jazz One thing about Jazz Music is it has always been associated with African American Culture. The history of Jazz dates back to the late 19th century in New Orleans … Read More


Move Aside Tunecore, ONErpm Provides New Benefit To Artists

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Ms. Carmen - Senior Publicist at Platinum Voice PR
Entertainment/Music Public Relations, Music Journalist, Writer, Host, Voice Actress

Love Music, Networking, Meeting like-minded Individuals, Reality Shows
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ONErpm offers Free Distribution Services for Artists Reduces barriers for artists and contributes to industry growth   ONErpm is a full-service, leading digital music distributor and YouTube MCN with 2,300 YouTube creators in its network. The company works with over 35,000 … Read More

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