[STAY WOKE] Lighting the Torch with MC Lyte

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Just a melophile looking for a story to tell. . . Narrating a life of endless melodies in words, some written & some unspoken.
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MC Lyte gave female emcees the blueprint to find success in Hip Hop and beyond The conversation about females in Hip Hop is a sensitive subject. Even if most people don’t want don’t want to address it, the industry is … Read More

[NEW VIDEO] WILDSTYLE – SHINE |@Wildstylemusic

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Ms. Carmen - Senior Publicist at Platinum Voice PR
Entertainment/Music Public Relations, Music Journalist, Writer, Host, Voice Actress

Love Music, Networking, Meeting like-minded Individuals, Reality Shows
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Multi-Platinum Recording Artist/Producer -Wildstyle, formerly a Crucial Conflict member  has step out as a solo artist, and brings us his new single, “Shine”. For those who didn’t know,  Crucial Conflict, a Chicago hip hop group was best known for its … Read More

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