[STAY WOKE] Ma Rainey Mother of the Blues

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Just a melophile looking for a story to tell. . . Narrating a life of endless melodies in words, some written & some unspoken.
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Ma Rainey, Mother of the Blues gave birth to an art form   Some of us are partially familiar with the idea of an Independent Artist. The advancement of Hip Hop Culture and Social Media has helped bring Indie Artists … Read More

Independent Artists

[MUSIC 101] Can Independent Artists Survive In a Streaming Industry?

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Ms. Carmen - Senior Publicist at Platinum Voice PR
Entertainment/Music Public Relations, Music Journalist, Writer, Host, Voice Actress

Love Music, Networking, Meeting like-minded Individuals, Reality Shows
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If streaming is taking over the music industry, where do Independent Artists fit in?   Last year, Bandcamp announced that they’ve paid out $150 million to independent artists in the past 8 years. This year, Bandcamp followed up with even … Read More

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