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Miami Tip (@MiamiTipMusic) Starts New Show, Podcast To Ring In The New Year

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DJ Rico Banks aka Rico Panacea is an American DJ, Producer, Author and Online Columnist. His published album reviews and editorial work have been featured on the now defunct websites &
DJ Rico Banks
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Miami Tip starts the New Year off with a Bang Miami Hip Hop artist, Miami Tip kicks off the new year by continuing to grow as a musician. She is also expanding her growing brand. Not only is M.I.A Tip … Read More

Nola Ade


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Ms. Carmen - Senior Publicist at Platinum Voice PR
Entertainment/Music Public Relations, Music Journalist, Writer, Host, Voice Actress

Love Music, Networking, Meeting like-minded Individuals, Reality Shows
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Platinum Hip Hop presents Chicago native, Nola Ade {pronounced Ah-Day] and her latest single, “Love”. The trendy thing in r&b/soul is to be emo, with slickly overproduced songs heavy with dark, coarse, moody, and often, quite frankly, depressing lyrics over … Read More

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