[STAY WOKE] Eazy-E Ruthless as a Lifestyle

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Just a melophile looking for a story to tell. . . Narrating a life of endless melodies in words, some written & some unspoken.
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Eazy-E one of Gangsta Rap’s pioneers, showed others a way to turn a street hustle into a business Excessive force by law enforcement is nothing new to African Americans. Although the previous statement is unfortunate, it holds evident truth. The … Read More

Benny Sinclair

[MUSIC] Benny Sinclair- “Hipster Chick” | @bennysboxing

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Ms. Carmen - Senior Publicist at Platinum Voice PR
Entertainment/Music Public Relations, Music Journalist, Writer, Host, Voice Actress

Love Music, Networking, Meeting like-minded Individuals, Reality Shows
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Benny Sinclair drops latest single “Hipster Chick” from his ‘The Impeccable Word’  album     Since disbanding Melbourne-based hip hop trio Bouncer and experiencing a ripple of radio and TV airplay, Benny Sinclair has spent the past few years in the … Read More

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