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Jacksonville, Florida Producer, Wes Pipes is the new millennial beat master

Coming out of Jacksonville, Florida a.k.a. DuuuVaaaL is unsigned independent southern rap artist / producer Wesley Wells , better known as Wes Pipes a.k.a. Wes Pipes Beats. Known for his witty punchlines, metaphors ,wordplay, and diverse styles of delivery, Pipes is also equally if not more talented when it comes to creating instrumentals. Wes Pipes Beats have a wide range of sound usually with very deep hard hitting bass, accompanied by spacey synths, catchy melodies, a captivating sound selection, and much more to lend your ear to.
Perfecting his craft for over a decade now Pipes still strives to evolve his sound and skill set every day. From freestyling in the hallways back in high school to writing and recording complete songs, and from learning to play songs he liked by ear on a small keyboard, to teaching himself how to record and mix his own music and  compose original instrumentals with his self-invested home studio, Pipes has been on a long determined road to success dropping underground musical gems all along his path.
Currently, Wes Pipes has a new single gaining popularity “THE WAY MY CITY SETUP” featuring YMCMB artist T.RONE best known for his breakout single “HELLO LOVE” (2013). The instrumental to “THE WAY MY CITY SETUP” has a dark , eerie, tone, with a deep 808 pattern and a hypnotizing melody on the chorus. T.Rone’s vocal style on the hook and energetic second verse complement the beat perfectly, while Pipes 1st verse displays his brand of punchlines, metaphors and one of many styles of flow. Be sure to follow Wes on all social sites, and if you’re an artist, hit him up!

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WES Pipes
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