#TBT- BANKROLL FRESH- Street Money Chronicles ft. @1YungFresh

Platinum Hip Hop Pays Tribute to Street Money Worldwide C.E.O. Bankroll Fresh


Platinum Hip Hop chose not to publish any articles about the untimely tragedy -but chose to celebrate Bankroll’s life. Although he was a product of the street, Fresh had a heart of gold that captured a real individual from any walk of life. He spoke of his blessings, and always gave back to someone in the community. Bankroll was on his way, traveling at a speed that caused a trend in the hip-hop community. We are here to celebrate his life and to introduce him to the ones [that have no idea who he is] or what he was about. His strength and his truth will have you thinking”I can be successful too”.

We’d want you to pick at least one of the videos in BankRoll’s honor. Enjoy our favorites and let us know how you felt about some of the videos-in the comment section.

[SCREAMIN]Streeeeeeeeeeeeet Money WORLDWIDE! Forever Fresh!


Bankroll Fresh “Behind the Fence”

Mike WiLL Made-It x Bankroll Fresh “Screen Door”

#CivilTV: Bankroll Fresh – Welcome To My Neighborhood


Bankroll Fresh “Life of a Hot Boy 2 Intro”


Bankroll Fresh – Hot Boy 


Bankroll Fresh “Walked In” feat. Travis Porter & Boochie


Bankroll Fresh “Trap”



Bankroll Fresh “Real Trapper” 

Bankroll Fresh “Ski”



Bankroll Fresh “POPPIN SHIT”


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