Naptown’s very own, Teeklef releases the visual to his latest single, “Day One”



TeeKlef, known for his dexterity on the piano and drums; along with his uniquely sonorous voice has music pundits extolling him as one of the brightest talents from Africa since Akon. Teeklef grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, and began learning music in the church. He quickly learned to sing, harmonize, play multiple instruments, and ultimately began writing his own music.

Taking what he had learned in the church, his understanding of the Nigerian music, and what he knew of American hip hop, Teeklef emerged as a presence in the Lagos hip hop scene. At 18, he departed for America, settling in Indianapolis, and through writing and performing in his adopted hometown, he has amassed a following of new fans and started a new movement for Midwest hip hop. HipNavi is the crew, and their mission is ‘Create your cool’. Like De La Soul, PM Dawn, and Odd Future, HipNavi is about writing your own rules—in music, in fashion, in lifestyle, and in the broad multicultural and musical scope that they represent.



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