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International artist, Buck London serves “The Intro” visual

International artist, Buck London delivered the visual “The Intro” over a year ago. Buck has set the bar high for all lyricists, internationally and nationally. His latest single, “Juice” can be found on all digital music platforms including Spotify.
Buck London is a student of this versatile and ever-changing art called hip-hop. He is a young relentless talent, who began crafting his trade at the tender age of eleven. This occurred after performing a poetry smash in front of an astonished audience back in secondary school. Hailing from the hostile gang-infested areas south-east of the River Thames, a quiet, yet intricately articulate Buck London would use rap as a therapeutic method to alleviate the ever-testing and difficult family issues he was subjected to. It was his only way of expressing his multitude of ocean-deep thoughts.
“if I didn’t have rap… I would have been in a mental hospital”.

Very much a diamond in the rough, Buck London is simply a product of his environment born to present his biography through an effortlessly crafted multitude of metaphoric rhymes, punchlines, and an unrivaled flow. It is by no surprise then that this lyrical powerhouse, unlike anything seen in the UK, was educated and inspired by hip-hop greats and legends like 2Pac, Notorious BIG and Big L. His indestructible motivation is a result of watching and studying the movements of today’s elite icons such as 50 Cent, Eminem, and Game, allowing Buck London to constantly and naturally refine his end product.

Buck London. A true emcee destined for greatness is not out to change the game in any way, but strives to inspire and enrich it. So grab your munchies, recline your seats and pay attention to this masterpiece. Welcome to the Buck London show.
Buck London
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