[VIDEO] DMPM – “Deadman” |@IAMDMPM

Hip-Hop artists, DMPM releases new single, “DEADMAN”

What do you get when you mix aggression, street savvy, a social conscience and hardcore, banging music? A soundtrack for the rebellious, for the outcasts, for the disenfranchised. Here’s a new band that you cannot afford to ignore.

So who is DMPM? Simple. They are whoever you need them to be. They don’t fit into a category or a box. Their music isn’t hip-hop, rock or any specific genre…it’s revolution. They are the eyes for the blind and the voice for the voiceless. They champion the losers. They bully the bullies. They are not focused on image or sales, just music to move the people.

We have so many divisors in the world – Race. Gender. Nationality. Ethnicity. Socio-economic Status. DMPM erases them all and accepts everyone as they are.

Deadman is the lead single from DMPM’s debut, ? : The EP which is available in all digital stores NOW! Welcome Home.


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