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International artist, D’shay releases visual to his latest single, ” Swag”



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International artist, D’shay releases visual to his latest single, ” Swag”. The visual was filmed and directed by Malik Isaac. “SWAG” was introduced to his audience when he decided to leave conscious rap to create a song in which people could vibe to or hype towards. The video for “Swag” was filmed and promoted at the University.

The Greenwich UK. Native lived in the U.K. for the first 9 years of his life, then he moved to Nigeria. D’shay began writing raps when he was 12. He progressed in secondary school becoming dominant in the rap scene and creating anthems.

While attending Babcock University in Nigeria, D’shay entered a competition named ‘Triple Slam’, in which he would go on to smash the University’s best rapper at the time – “Minz” -in three separate battles. Winning those battles solidified his status as ” the one to watch” in Babcock.  Unfortunately, due to family reasons, he had to relocate back to his country of birth- the UK- to live with his mom. All the work put in, while living in Nigeria was lost. This meant that D’shay had to start from the beginning – ground zero.

In spite of his family’s mishap, D’shay was later introduced to his mentor and producer nicknamed “H” in which they formed a solid partnership in terms of making music.
In 2016, after the filming of “Swag”, it got a lot of attention and DJ’s were spinning the record across the city.  Following the success of the track, D’shay released a project named “season 1” which involves releasing a track and a video for the whole year.

We look forward to seeing all that this talented artist is offering the hip-hop industry.





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