[VIDEO] Fred The Godson- Black Power ft Cocoa Sarai| @FREDTHEGODSON

Fred The Godson, The Punchline Don, releases Black Power

Fred the Godson began his continuing ascent to stardom in the gritty South Bronx ghetto of New York. He spent his early days learning the harsh realities of life on 156th & Fox, an area submerged in drug wars that he struggled to evade. Instead, Fred sought refuge in his large family. Though he came from a two parent household, life was nonetheless rough as they struggled to provide for six children. His family saw many hardships and tragedies living in the merciless Bronx ghetto. At a very young age, Fred found himself living a desolate existence; particularly after having watched his house burn down, and consequently experiencing life in a shelter. While future prospects seemed dim to Fred, given his circumstances, he was still determined to overcome the obstacles, thus finding a way to conquer his sorrows.

Fred The Godson

In an industry so heavily populated with aspiring artists, each with their own claim to fame, Fred the Godson stands out as a superior and deserving artist. His style and libretto are unique and versatile. His clever flow compliments the genuine authenticity of his music’s content. His real life experiences penetrate the psyches of his listeners allowing them to vibe on a personal level. Equally important, Fred consistently demonstrates a predisposition for making hit records. In essence, he is the truth.

Take a moment and listen to “Black Power” featuring Cocoa Sarai, The track production is smooth and Fred’s flow is infectious. If you’re not a fan of Fred The Godson, listen to this and you soon will be. Follow him on all social media outlets, @FredTheGodson.



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