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Austin, Texas lyricist, Just Gift makes a comeback with a visual to his latest single, “Out Of Date”


Genuine artists are hard to come by. Just Gift is an artist first, rapper second, and encapsulates the notion that anything is possible. His experience and perception lend a depth to his music that is rarely seen in hip hop today. He develops purposeful lyrics, drawing from years of writing and rapping, starting way back in elementary school in Austin.

In 2014, Just Gift released “THE TRIP,” a forward-thinking debut EP that depicted a personal journey of epic proportions. Shortly thereafter, JG took a sudden absence from the game leaving us wondering….Where did he go?

It feels a little strange starting to release this music. It’s sort of a kin to losing track of time playing a game. You have your mind so focused on what you’re doing that when the times up it surprises you a bit. I kind of want to keep setting new high scores.

This year, we waited a few months without new music from the Austin local but that changed with the release of his new single “Out of Date“. It’s lyrical, it’s pure dope for those who understand true hip-hop. Take a look at the visual and tell us what you think about this lyricist. We think he has next…What do you think?


In a year I’d like to be touring around preparing for the next step. See all of the talent that’s out there in the world. You go to inspiration to be inspired. Your strengths can open doors and your weakness can close them. I want to see how many doors I can open…and keep open.











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