[WATCH] SAMOMILLION – “LOTTO”| @samomillions

[WATCH] SAMOMILLION – “LOTTO”| @samomillions

SamoMillion’s latest hit “Lotto” is a Hip Hop and Pop meld with Afrobeats and a Caribbean vibe

Born in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Florida, SamoMillion (pronounced Mil-ee-yon) had to grow up quickly and become the man of the house after his father was deported back to his native country of Haiti. When Samo was very young, he had the same struggles as most kids have when growing up in a low-income neighborhood. Music became a way for him to express the feelings that were often bottled up inside. He turned to inspiration from other artists with Haitian roots, such as Bob Marley, Wyclef Jean, and Soulja Slim. As he studied and developed his sound more, he created a fusion of Soca, Reggae, Pop, Hip Hop, and Afrobeats. Eventually, his hard work and natural talent landed him a partnership with independent label MotorMouthMusicGroup. Together, they’re releasing the single “Lotto,” with a music video for the song.


“Everybody wants to hit the lottery, and most guys in the world would say that when they find that perfect woman, it’s the equivalent of hitting the jackpot.”

Currently streaming across all digital platforms, “Lotto” is a little bit of Pop, a little bit of Hip Hop, a little bit of Afrobeat, and a little bit of Caribbean. The song gives listeners an upbeat and fun track with a gritty, urban vibe.

It’s the perfect song to show off Samo’s signature delivery and cadence. His sound is unlike anything else out there right now, and his flow is off the charts excellent – so good that industry insiders all over the U.S. are calling attention to his original sound.

“My whole flow, in general, is a whole different wave,” Samo said. “When you press play on my music, you’re gonna be happy. No matter what your situation or what you’re thinking about, when you pop SamoMillion in, you’ll be happy and poppin. That’s what I want my music to be – something that gives people the motivation and the vibe to feel happy. If you’re feeling down today, you can hear my song and it’ll change your attitude.” Samo says he’s working on a bigger project that he hopes to release in early 2021. This includes a follow-up single to “Lotto’ called “Soul to Keep,” which will showcase a different side of his artistry. Be sure to connect with Samo on all social media and digital music platforms.






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