Watch Street Matrimoney, if You’re About That Life!

David Weaver Presents “Street Matrimoney”


Move over Love and Hip Hop and let this one in! Platinum Hip Hop spotted this new series online and we’re anxious and waiting for January to arrive. The Hip-Hop series “Street Matrimoney”  is written by David Weaver (OfficialDWeave), and directed by Al Nuke (ALNuke) and also starring Al Nuke as “Marvin,” and Vacea Blondelle as “Bristol. When the realest person on your team is your woman, you gotta respect that. This is street romance in its rawest form. Many people talk about or say they want that ride or die love… but it’s a rare occasion when they actually mean it. The Complete season  continues each Friday. Subscribe to the channel to stay updated, spread the word for this hot new Atlanta-based web series. and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


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