New York lyricist, XQ releases new single, M.A.E. (Money Ain’t Everything)



New York lyricist and founder of the hip hop rap group  REVO, XQ grew up in Utica, NY, and raised by his mother and grandmother. In this household, listening to hip hop was forbidden. The matriarchs’ favorite records included; Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Temptations, Aretha Franklin, and Gil Scott-Herron. Music of this nature filled the rooms leaving a little space for  some rap recorded by “Tribe Called Quest”. XQ took a liking to this style of hip-hop and made them his favorite group.


At the tender age of nine, XQ’s Uncle Toot moved in and introduced him to hip-hop artists like; Biggie, Redman, Method Man, Wu-Tang, CNN, Nas, Nosta, Mobb Deep and Ice Cube. A few years later, he bought his very first album, “Amplified” by Q-Tip. This is when the artistry began to take form, playing that CD and practicing in the mirror for hours. After that,  he would buy a CD every time he received an allowance so that he could develop his craft.

The young XQ soon began writing his own rhymes and participating in the local battle cyphers. A local producer and close friend, Merk (M.N.T. BEATS) allowed him to sit in his sessions while he made beats. The two became inseparable due to  XQ’s extensive knowledge of soul records. This gift became addicting to the two and they began sampling the old records. When listening to his music, you will notice a nostalgic undertone with a splash of hip-hop in every song. Metaphorically, this artist would like for you to delve into his world because this isn’t the entire story- it’s merely what ultimately influenced the strength in XQ’s music-music that touches the soul.  Remember this, XQ aka THE REBEL GAWD is bringing that “old new school” essence of hip hop to your ears with M.A.E.(Money Ain’t Everything)! Enjoy!



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