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Platinum Hip Hop presents YE Cash Bros and their latest mixtape. The mixtape is hosted by Hoodrich Ent.DJ Scream and iamGambinoATL, and is called Welcome to Lil Jamaica‘ mixtape. Check out the tracklist


1. DBK Feat. Lani – Ballin’ Like A Bitch [Prod. By Lani] (3:46)

2. DBK – This Morning [Prod. By Zayban] (3:02)

3. DBK Feat. Lani – Bell [Prod. By Stoopid Cool] (3:22)

4. DBK – Look At Me [Prod. By Ric & Thaddeus] (3:46)

5. DBK – Louie V Hustle Skit (0:15)

6. DBK Feat. Lani & BMG Sunny – Money Lo [Prod. By Zayban] (4:02)

7. DBK – Sunday [Prod. By Treybo] (3:37)

8. DBK – Sippin’ Lean [Prod. By Moneymotivatedmusic] (3:12)

9. DBK Feat. Mel – Demons [Prod. By Moneymotivatedmusic] (3:44)

10. DBK – Hate [Prod. By Tay Sole] (3:27)

11. DBK Feat. Mel – Money Comin’ In [Prod. By Tlondabeat] (3:34)

12. DBK – YE Time With Nells Skit (0:16)

13. BK Feat. Lani & Mel – Rerock [Prod. By Will-A-Fool] (3:45)

14. DBK Feat. Yummy Pearl – Poppin’ Champagne [Prod. By Hollywood Flex] (3:12)

15. Lani – Double Up [Prod. By Zayban] (3:14)


Listen + DL: YE Cash Bros – ‘Welcome to Lil Jamaica’ Hosted by DJ Scream and Gambino ATL

YE Cash Bros


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