Young Troubled Minds -“Badu”|@YTM216

Lyricists, Young Troubled Minds releases the visual to their first single, “Badu”


Young Troubled Minds is a hip hop duo comprised of brothers from Cleveland, Ohio. Last year the duo gained attention by releasing One Big Session and Short Daze, Long Nights.

Now they look to make a sharp return in 2016, releasing “Badu“, the new single from their Bellarose mixtape.
Bellarose is a tale of modern day romance from the perspective of the brotherly duo-Pro Young and Au. The mixtape was produced, written, and recorded in their apartment while attending Kent State University as full-time students with part-time jobs. This original work of art blends the unique sounds of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. Young Troubled Minds found the inspiration for Bellarose through their own romantic encounters.

On the track, “Badu”, they share their unique perspective on relationships, elaborating on the mixed emotions and uncertainties of them. Be sure to press play for the “Badu” experience.











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