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New York Lyricist, SC Static pays homage to legends in visual to his single, “Hip Hop Heaven”



New York Lyricist, SC Static serves us “Real Hip-Hop” over a laid-back jazz beat on his latest single and visual, “Hip Hop Heaven.” The track is produced by Teddy Roxpin and is the lead single on the ‘The Joke Theory’ album. In the song, he speaks about how record shops no longer exist, which holds a lot of truth in the digital world. Also, he named a few hip-hop greats in the song like Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Notorious BIG, Chuck D, Wu-Tang; just to name a few.

“Going to The Bronx was very special to me, I’d walk around thinking, “Wow, this is where Hip Hop originates!”The sights and sounds, from the train to graffiti, was everything I needed in my life at that time”

SC Static prides himself on lyricism and songwriting. From the suburbs to the city, he spent years crafting his sound and style. He’s a true student of the culture, who has built a foundation on his knowledge and skill. After years of listening and writing music, he found his true voice in his 2016 release, Far From Free. Far From Free encapsulates SC’s vision in its purest form. His collaboration with Matty Beats stands out as his best work to date, and they’ll be taking things to the next level with their follow-up release.

“New wack amateurs better learn or get steppin, cause this is just that, Hip Hop Heaven!”

We look forward to hearing more from SC in the near future. Be sure to connect with him on all social media platforms.

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