Multi-talented R&B Singer, Regina releases her latest single “Summer Nights”

REGINA is an Indie – Pop and R&B singer-songwriter from Tampa, Florida. She is known for her soulful, rich and distinct voice as well as her abstract lyricism and concepts. “REGINA is hands down the most talented singer-songwriter in the entire city of Tampa, no doubt,” said a local radio DJ. “I am going to do everything in my power to make sure she gets heard”, said House of Representative Dianne Hart. “You have to be good to work with professionals like me, said James Wood, founder and master engineer at Executive Sound Studios in Clearwater, Florida. What REGINA feels, is what REGINA writes, is what REGINA performs – and she feels everything.

After signing a Marketing, Publishing, and Distribution deal with Independent label Bentley Records, she has been working on several projects. Her plan is to release several singles this year – one of which was released this past February.

“All In” a melodic, catchy song that rebuttals a disloyal lover with lots of excuses. The song shows off her sassy, quirky, and independent style as well as the emotion she felt during the experience. “I’m all in or All out, ain’t no in-between …” says the hook of the song. REGINA is compared to the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, and Whitney Houston – whom her inspiration was given.

REGINA began professionally pursuing music since 2014 and is continuing to grow her fan base while consistently evolving – into what we’ll call a legend. She has been involved in school choir groups and singing competitions since kindergarten and went to the University of Tampa to study behavioral psychology and Music Composition with a specialization in vocal performance.

In addition to creating music “for the lovers, the fighters, and the escapists” . REGINA is a mental health advocate, researcher, and supporter of medical marijuana. She believes music therapy and medical marijuana will be beneficial now and in the future. The classic, progressive and quite interesting artist plans on releasing an album sometime within the next year. Be sure to connect on social media and digital music platforms.







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